Vienna’s Vibrant Software Scene – Unveiling the Innovative Tech Companies Powering the Austrian Capital’s Digital Transformation

Discover the Cutting-Edge Software Companies Shaping Vienna's Technological Landscape


Vienna, the stunning capital of Austria, is not only renowned for its rich history and cultural heritage but is also making waves in the world of technology and software innovation. The city is home to a diverse range of forward-thinking software companies that are revolutionizing various industries. In this article, we explore 15 exciting software companies based in Vienna, each contributing their unique solutions to drive digital transformation. From sustainable living and real estate transactions to AI-powered platforms and digital sound processing, Vienna is a hotbed of innovation that deserves recognition on the global stage.


Gropyus is a software company dedicated to creating sustainable living for everyone. Their innovative solutions focus on sustainability in urban environments, offering smart solutions for energy efficiency, waste management, and urban planning. By leveraging software technology, Gropyus aims to create a more environmentally friendly and livable future.


Bonrepublic specializes in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to empower businesses of all sizes. Their comprehensive suite of software products includes tools for project management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, and more. Bonrepublic’s user-friendly and scalable solutions help businesses streamline their operations and drive growth.


ReDev is a pioneering software company that has developed the first intelligent HR and job social media platform. Their innovative platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to match job seekers with the most relevant opportunities, making the hiring process more efficient for both employers and job seekers.


PROPUP is a real estate transaction management platform that simplifies the complexities of property transactions. Their software streamlines the entire process, from property listings and document management to contract signing and payment processing. By digitizing and automating real estate transactions, PROPUP aims to make the buying and selling experience more efficient and user-friendly.


zerolens is revolutionizing the photography industry by developing a virtual photo studio as a web and mobile app. Their innovative software allows users to create professional-looking product photographs without the need for expensive equipment or physical studios. By democratizing product photography, zerolens empowers businesses of all sizes to showcase their products effectively.


notarity is a leading software company specializing in legal tech and online notarisations. Their innovative platform enables users to notarize documents online securely, eliminating the need for physical appointments and paper documentation. By leveraging the power of software, notarity simplifies legal processes and increases accessibility to notarial services.


Visplore offers plug-and-play visual analytics tools that enable users to explore and prepare large datasets in a fraction of the time. Their intuitive software interface allows users to derive actionable insights from complex data quickly. With Visplore, data analysis becomes accessible to users across various industries


Stresscoach is a CBT-based self-help app that provides a digital coach to help users manage anxiety and stress. The app offers personalized tools and techniques based on cognitive-behavioral therapy principles, empowering users to build resilience and improve their mental well-being.


Trackbar is revolutionizing the fitness industry by digitizing gym equipment and connecting coaches directly with members. Their software allows users to track their workouts, access personalized training programs, and receive real-time feedback from coaches. Trackbar aims to enhance the gym experience and help users achieve their fitness goals effectively. offers a no-code funnel builder that enables businesses to create engaging user experiences through quizzes, forms, surveys, calculators, and payment pages. Their intuitive platform empowers businesses to capture leads, increase customer engagement, and drive conversions without requiring any coding skills.


Proofcheck is a multilingual AI proofreading platform and collaborative in-browser workspace for PDFs and epubs. Their software helps writers, editors, and translators enhance their productivity and ensure the accuracy and quality of their content. Proofcheck’s intuitive interface and AI-powered algorithms make the proofreading process more efficient and error-free. provides SaaS solutions tailored to the needs of artists and collectors. Their software platform offers features such as artwork management, inventory tracking, sales tracking, and communication tools. By streamlining administrative tasks, enables artists and collectors to focus more on their creative endeavors.

Quantics GmbH

Quantics GmbH serves businesses with unique, accurate, and agile forecasting and supply chain optimization solutions. Their software leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to help businesses make informed decisions and optimize their supply chain operations. By improving forecasting accuracy and supply chain efficiency, Quantics GmbH empowers businesses to stay competitive in dynamic markets.


Ataleo provides digital solutions to guide businesses through and automate their processes. Their software platform helps organizations streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance productivity. With Ataleo, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, reduce errors, and focus on strategic initiatives.


SHION specializes in digital sound processing (DSP) AI software and active acoustic hardware. Their innovative solutions enhance sound quality, optimize acoustic environments, and deliver immersive audio experiences. From professional audio production to architectural acoustics, SHION’s software and hardware solutions offer new possibilities for sound engineers, designers, and enthusiasts alike.


Vienna is rapidly emerging as a hub for technological advancements, and these 15 software companies exemplify the city’s commitment to innovation. Their pioneering solutions are transforming industries, simplifying processes, and empowering individuals and businesses alike. With their cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking approaches, these companies

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