Vaqra – Revolutionizing Online Fashion Retail

In today’s world, online fashion retail has become a popular and convenient way of shopping. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect outfit. This is where Vaqra comes in, a startup that is revolutionizing the online fashion retail industry.

Explore New Fashion Trends, Discover New Looks, and Hire Personal Stylists with Vaqra

Vaqra, based in Karachi, Pakistan, is an innovative social ecommerce platform that aims to offer a unique way of engaging with fashion. They provide users with a seamless shopping experience, as well as a personalized styling service to help them revamp their wardrobes.

A Unique Approach to Fashion

Vaqra’s unique approach to fashion lies in its ability to help users discover new looks and trends through their social ecommerce platform. The platform also provides users with the opportunity to sell clothes and hire professional stylists to help them revamp their wardrobe.

Safe and Interactive Platform

The app offers a safe and interactive platform where users can browse thousands of looks online and become inspired by the fashion choices of others. Users can also become verified influencers or earn easy money by setting up their digital shop or earning commissions on sales generated from items they tag.

Fun and Exciting Features

Vaqra’s app includes fun and exciting filters to enhance the user experience. These features were created with the sole aim of creating a service that each user can positively engage with to help make their fashion voice count.

Vaqra’s mission is to offer each individual a seamless shopping experience that reflects the evolving fashion needs of an increasingly fashion-conscious world. Their app has been designed to offer users a personal styling service that allows them to employ stylists of their choice to help style them for an occasion or become their personal shopper for the day.


Vaqra is a game-changing startup that has set out to revolutionize the online fashion retail industry. With their innovative social ecommerce platform, personalized styling service, and fun and exciting features, Vaqra has quickly become a must-have app for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.




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