Unveiling Innovative Solutions Shaping the Future of Finance in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, Israel has emerged as a hub of groundbreaking innovation in the financial technology sector. This article explores the realm of fintech companies in Tel Aviv, showcasing 15 remarkable startups that are revolutionizing the financial landscape. From streamlining company spend processes to transforming credit card dispute resolution and modernizing cross-border trade finance, these companies are driving the transformation of the finance industry. Join us as we delve into the dynamic world of Tel Aviv’s fintech pioneers.

PayEm – Streamlining Company Spend Processes

PayEm revolutionizes company spend management by providing a comprehensive platform that automates and connects spend processes. With PayEm, businesses gain full visibility and control over their expenditures, from request to reconciliation. By consolidating financial operations in one place, PayEm enhances efficiency and empowers companies to make informed financial decisions.

8fig – Empowering E-commerce Development Planning and Funding

8fig offers a cutting-edge development planning and funding platform designed specifically for e-commerce enterprises. Their solution enables businesses to access the capital they need to fuel growth and expand their operations. With 8fig, e-commerce companies can accelerate their development plans and achieve their ambitious goals.

Justt – Simplifying Credit Card Dispute Resolution

Justt simplifies the often clunky and cumbersome credit card dispute process for merchants. Their innovative platform provides a fair, simple, and hands-free approach to resolving credit card disputes. By streamlining this critical aspect of financial transactions, Justt enhances the overall experience for both merchants and customers.

Noble – Assessing and Monitoring Customer Creditworthiness

Noble assists companies in swiftly assessing the creditworthiness of their customers and monitoring it over time. Their platform leverages advanced analytics to provide accurate credit assessments, empowering businesses to make informed decisions regarding credit extension. Noble helps organizations mitigate financial risks and optimize their credit management processes.

Sorbet – Reinventing Paid Time Off for Financial Health

Sorbet disrupts the traditional approach to paid time off, aiming to improve the financial health of organizations and their employees. By reconstructing how paid time off is managed, Sorbet introduces innovative solutions to maximize financial well-being. Their fintech approach enhances financial stability and employee satisfaction.

fintastic – Turning Data and Financial Models into Business Value

fintastic develops an FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) solution that transforms data and financial models into tangible business value. Their platform empowers organizations to gain actionable insights, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their financial performance. fintastic unlocks the potential of financial data, driving strategic growth for businesses.

Balance – Digitizing B2B Online Payments

Balance is a digital payments platform specifically designed to create delightful B2B online purchasing experiences for both buyers and vendors. Their user-friendly interface and comprehensive features simplify the payment process, enabling smooth transactions between businesses. Balance facilitates seamless B2B transactions and fosters stronger buyer-vendor relationships.

40seas – Modernizing Cross-Border Trade Finance

40seas focuses on modernizing cross-border trade finance, an industry ripe for disruption. Their fintech solutions leverage innovative technologies to streamline trade finance processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing barriers. 40seas paves the way for more accessible and secure global trade.

TenureX – Enabling Correspondent Banking Services

TenureX is a pioneering technology and enablement service provider for correspondent banking services. Their platform facilitates seamless connectivity and collaboration between financial institutions, optimizing correspondent banking operations. TenureX enables efficient and secure financial transactions across borders.

Antic – Integrating Co-ownership into Platforms

Antic developed an end-to-end decentralized infrastructure that allows any company to integrate co-ownership into its platform within minutes. By leveraging blockchain technology, Antic empowers companies to offer co-ownership features, fostering new opportunities for financial collaboration and investment.

IVIX – Combating Tax Evasion with Technology

IVIX is a platform that helps authorities prevent and reduce tax evasion. Through advanced technological solutions, IVIX enables effective tax enforcement and compliance. Their platform equips authorities with the tools necessary to safeguard revenue streams and maintain fair taxation systems.

UNIPaaS Payments Technologies – Monetizing Financial Services for Digital Platforms

UNIPaaS offers a payment solution that enables digital platforms and marketplaces to own, manage, and monetize financial services. Their comprehensive platform provides the infrastructure and capabilities required to offer seamless and secure financial services to users. UNIPaaS empowers digital platforms to unlock new revenue streams and enhance user experiences.

Nilos – Custodial Wallet for Non-Crypto Native Companies

Nilos is a developer of a custodial wallet tailored for non-crypto native companies entering the web 3.0 space. Their wallet solution simplifies and secures transactions involving digital assets, enabling companies to confidently navigate the decentralized finance landscape. Nilos supports the growth of web 3.0 businesses with user-friendly and secure custodial solutions.

Tweed – Frictionless Web3 Experiences and User Onboarding

Tweed specializes in creating frictionless web3 experiences and enabling user onboarding at scale. Their white-label wallet and payments SDK (Software Development Kit) simplify the integration of blockchain-based functionalities into applications and platforms. Tweed empowers businesses to embrace web3 technology and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Fuse.io – Connecting Everyday Payments to the Blockchain

Fuse.io is a finance company that seamlessly connects everyday payments to the blockchain without compromising on user experience. Their platform enables businesses and individuals to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology in their day-to-day financial transactions. Fuse.io drives the adoption of blockchain in mainstream finance, making it more accessible to all.


Tel Aviv’s fintech landscape is a hotbed of innovation, with companies reimagining financial processes, enhancing user experiences, and driving the future of finance. From revolutionizing company spend management to simplifying credit card disputes, these startups are pushing boundaries and shaping the industry. With their innovative solutions, Tel Aviv’s fintech pioneers are propelling the global fintech ecosystem forward, introducing new possibilities and transforming the way we interact with financial services.

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