Unum ID – Revolutionizing Identity Verification and Data Sharing


Welcome to another edition of Startup Showcase, where we explore groundbreaking startups that are transforming the tech landscape. In this showcase, we dive into the world of Unum ID, a San Francisco-based company that is revolutionizing identity verification and data sharing. Unum ID has developed an innovative ID card network that securely allows users to share and access verified data online, empowering individuals and businesses with enhanced privacy, security, and convenience.

Safeguarding Identity in the Digital Age

Unum ID is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in how identity is handled in the digital realm. With their cutting-edge software, Unum ID connects a person’s identity to their mobile device and subsequently ties it to their online identities using robust cryptographic techniques. This unique approach enables the creation of a single customer identity that can be utilized across multiple business units within a company and even across separate companies. By securely storing personal information solely on each user’s mobile device, Unum ID ensures unmatched privacy and security while embedding user consent into the design.

Streamlining User Onboarding and Verification

One of the key advantages offered by Unum ID is its ability to streamline user onboarding and verification processes. With their ID card network, companies can swiftly onboard verified users in a matter of seconds, significantly reducing the time and resources traditionally required for these procedures. By eliminating the need for manual verification processes, businesses can improve efficiency, enhance user experience, and accelerate their growth.

Enhancing Security and Trust

In today’s digital landscape, protecting against fraudulent activities is paramount. Unum ID’s innovative solution helps combat behavioral fraud, such as SIM swapping and phishing, through a simple app update. By securely anchoring users’ identities to their mobile devices and leveraging cryptographic techniques, Unum ID provides an added layer of security and trust, making it significantly more difficult for fraudsters to compromise user accounts or impersonate individuals. This enhanced security not only protects users but also instills confidence in businesses and strengthens their relationships with their customers.


Unum ID is leading the charge in revolutionizing identity verification and data sharing. By securely connecting a person’s identity to their mobile device and leveraging advanced cryptography, Unum ID provides a seamless and secure way for users to share and access verified data online. Their innovative approach streamlines user onboarding, enhances security, and establishes a foundation of trust between individuals and businesses. With Unum ID’s ID card network, the possibilities for secure and efficient data sharing across industries are boundless.

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