Unleashing Toronto’s EdTech Revolution – Empowering the Future of Education


Toronto, Ontario, is a hub of innovation in the field of education technology (EdTech), where visionary startups are reshaping the way we learn and teach. In this article, we dive into the world of EdTech in Toronto, showcasing 15 remarkable companies that are revolutionizing education through innovative platforms and solutions. From custom app development and personalized learning platforms to immigrant support and virtual event management, these companies are at the forefront of driving change and transforming the education landscape. Join us as we explore Toronto’s vibrant EdTech scene and discover the cutting-edge technologies and services offered by these pioneering startups.

Formaloo – Building Apps without Code for Businesses

Formaloo empowers businesses to build custom apps without writing a single line of code. With their user-friendly platform, creating powerful applications becomes as easy as playing with Legos, opening new possibilities for businesses to enhance their operations and engage with their target audience.

HumanSquad – Seamless Support for Immigrants

HumanSquad connects immigrants to resources, products, and customized support to make their immigration journey seamless. By leveraging technology, HumanSquad bridges the gap between immigrants and the services they need, helping them navigate the challenges and settle into their new lives more smoothly.

Tech Spark Canada – Personalized Education for Middle School Students

Tech Spark Canada’s Spark Plug platform utilizes data, AI, and curated content to personalize education for middle school students. By tailoring learning experiences to individual students, Spark Plug enhances engagement and fosters a deeper understanding of key concepts.

Schoolio – Bridging Teachers, Parents, and Tutors

Schoolio aims to bridge the gap between teachers, parents, and tutors through its integrated ecosystem. By promoting transparency in education, Schoolio empowers stakeholders to collaborate and support student learning effectively.

Deschool Online – Connecting Learners with Qualified Professionals

Deschool Online is an online marketplace community that connects learners with qualified and verified teaching professionals. By providing a platform that matches learners with the right educators, Deschool Online facilitates personalized and effective learning experiences.

Ace It – Empowering Learning with Software and Mobile Apps

Ace It combines software and mobile app technologies to empower learning. Their innovative solutions provide students with interactive tools and resources to enhance their educational journey and improve academic performance.

Skillqore – AI-Powered Learning Platform

Skillqore is an AI-powered learning platform that simplifies the process of discovering, curating, and tracking learning activities. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Skillqore enables individuals and organizations to engage in continuous learning and skill development.

Finliti – Customized Investment Strategies for Retail Investors

Finliti assists retail investors in developing effective trading and investment strategies customized to their risk profiles. By leveraging data-driven insights and advanced analytics, Finliti empowers investors to make informed decisions and optimize their investment portfolios.

Tech-Adaptika – Cloud-Based Virtual Event Management

Tech-Adaptika offers cloud-based virtual event management software for educational institutions. By providing a comprehensive platform, Tech-Adaptika facilitates the planning, execution, and management of virtual events, enabling seamless communication and collaboration.

iBlüm – Efficient E-Learning Solutions for Kids

iBlüm develops e-learning software and solutions specifically designed to help children learn efficiently. Through engaging and interactive digital tools, iBlüm fosters a love for learning and supports educational development in young learners.

No Fuss Tutors – Connecting Parents with Top Online Tutors

No Fuss Tutors simplifies the process of connecting parents with top online tutors across North America. By providing a streamlined platform, No Fuss Tutors ensures fast and hassle-free access to high-quality tutoring services, supporting students’ academic progress.

Bluekey AI – AI Platform for Competitive Higher Education Programs

Bluekey AI offers an AI platform that matches and assists students in applying to competitive programs in higher education. By leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics, Bluekey AI enhances students’ chances of gaining admission to their desired educational programs.

Blue Harvest – Limitless Software in a Software-Less World

Blue Harvest provides limitless software solutions in a software-less world. By leveraging cloud-based technologies and virtualization, Blue Harvest offers scalable and flexible software solutions for educational institutions, ensuring seamless access to essential tools and applications.

AskAStudent.net – Peer-to-Peer Networking Platform for Tertiary Students

AskAStudent.net is a peer-to-peer networking platform designed for tertiary students. By connecting students from different educational institutions, AskAStudent.net fosters knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mentorship opportunities.

1800BITCOIN – Delivering Bitcoin Exposure and Educational Products

1800BITCOIN delivers Bitcoin exposure and educational products to the mass market. By simplifying access to cryptocurrencies and providing educational resources, 1800BITCOIN empowers individuals to understand and participate in the exciting world of digital currencies.


Toronto’s EdTech scene is a hotbed of innovation, where startups are leveraging technology to reshape education and provide transformative learning experiences. The 15 companies showcased in this article represent the diversity and ingenuity of Toronto’s EdTech ecosystem. From empowering businesses with app development tools to revolutionizing immigrant support and personalizing education, these companies are redefining traditional approaches to teaching and learning. As Toronto continues to foster a supportive environment for EdTech startups, we can anticipate even more groundbreaking advancements that will shape the future of education, both in the city and beyond.

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