Toronto’s Internet Gems – 15 Innovative Companies Shaping the Digital Landscape


Toronto, Ontario, is a city pulsating with technological innovation, and its internet startup scene is no exception. In this article, we delve into the world of internet companies in Toronto, highlighting 15 remarkable startups that are making waves and reshaping the digital landscape. From ecommerce platforms and developer tools to social networks and smart mobility solutions, these companies are harnessing the power of the internet to revolutionize industries and bring about meaningful change. Join us as we showcase these exciting ventures and discover the vibrant internet ecosystem thriving in Toronto.

CommerceBear – Furniture-Focused Ecommerce Platform

CommerceBear is an internet platform built by furniture, for furniture. With a deep understanding of the industry, CommerceBear provides an exceptional ecommerce experience tailored to the needs of furniture retailers and customers alike.

ShopThing – Ecommerce Shopping App with Live Video Selling

ShopThing offers an innovative ecommerce shopping app that incorporates live video selling. This unique approach enhances the shopping experience, allowing users to interact with sellers in real-time, ask questions, and make informed purchasing decisions.

Codex – Devtool for Just-in-Time Documentation

Codex is a powerful devtool that enables just-in-time documentation for deep collaboration. By providing developers with instant access to relevant documentation within their workflow, Codex streamlines the development process and enhances teamwork.

Halp – Simplifying Study Abroad with Digital Admissions Coaching

Halp facilitates studying abroad by offering 1:1 digital admissions coaching. This internet company guides students through the application process, providing personalized support to ensure a smooth and successful transition to international educational opportunities.

TriplePlay – Virtual Social Network with Engaging Games

TriplePlay is a virtual social network that connects users through engaging games. By combining social interactions with entertaining gaming experiences, TriplePlay creates a dynamic platform for users to meet new people and foster connections.

Bidmii – Community for Reliable Home Contractor Hiring

Bidmii is an online community that simplifies the process of hiring reliable and trusted contractors for home projects. By connecting homeowners with qualified professionals, Bidmii streamlines the contractor hiring process and ensures high-quality workmanship.

Gravvity – Developer of Social Applications for No-Code Virtual Shops

Gravvity develops social applications tailored for no-code virtual shops. Their internet solutions empower entrepreneurs and businesses to create engaging online shopping experiences without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Roll – Smart Mobility Solutions with Dock-less Electric Scooters and Bikes

Roll offers smart mobility solutions by providing dock-less electric scooter and bike share services to cities and campuses. With a focus on sustainability and convenience, Roll promotes eco-friendly transportation options and enhances urban mobility.

TRACKiTT – App Store for Manufacturing Digitization

TRACKiTT serves as the App Store for manufacturing, helping factories accelerate their digitization efforts. With the TRACKiTT app, factories can leverage digital tools to optimize operations, streamline processes, and embrace industry 4.0 technologies.

APITable – API-First, Embed-Friendly No-Code Database Solution

APITable is an API-first, embed-friendly no-code database platform and the best Airtable open-source alternative. With APITable, users can effortlessly manage data and projects, harnessing the power of APIs and simplifying their workflow.

The Happenin Company – Digitizing Group Bookings for Social Occasions & Experiences

The Happenin Company digitizes and simplifies group bookings for social occasions and experiences. Their internet platform eliminates the complexities of organizing group events, making it seamless for friends, families, and colleagues to come together and create lasting memories.

Pulsee – Business Intelligence, NFC Cars & Jewellery

Pulsee offers business intelligence solutions while leveraging near field communication (NFC) technology for cars and jewelry. With their innovative approach, Pulsee enhances product authenticity, provides valuable insights, and enables efficient inventory management.

OpenUnit – Specializing in Reservation Systems and Management Software

OpenUnit specializes in providing reservation systems, merchant solutions, and management software for the service industry. With their comprehensive suite of tools, OpenUnit helps businesses streamline operations, optimize customer experiences, and drive growth.

LeadDelta – Work Communication Tool to Maximize Business Network

LeadDelta is a work communication tool designed to help users get more out of their business network. By facilitating seamless communication, LeadDelta empowers professionals to build stronger relationships, collaborate effectively, and unlock new opportunities.

Typing Baba – Online Typing Tool for Skill Improvement

Typing Baba is an online typing tool that assists users in improving their typing skills. Whether for personal or professional development, Typing Baba provides a user-friendly platform to enhance typing speed and accuracy through practice and interactive exercises.


Toronto’s internet startup ecosystem is a vibrant tapestry of innovation, and these 15 companies represent the city’s thriving digital landscape. From revolutionizing ecommerce and simplifying study abroad to enhancing social interactions and optimizing factory operations, these internet startups are pushing boundaries, transforming industries, and shaping the future of technology. As Toronto solidifies its position as a hotbed of digital innovation, keep a close eye on these remarkable companies as they continue to redefine what’s possible in the realm of internet entrepreneurship.

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