Toronto’s Analytics Mavericks – Unlocking Insights and Empowering Businesses


Toronto, Ontario, is a hotbed of analytics innovation, attracting visionary companies that harness data to drive informed decisions and empower businesses. These 15 analytics companies are leading the charge in transforming industries through data-driven insights. From real estate and customer experience management to retail marketing and portfolio management, these companies are revolutionizing the way organizations operate. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of analytics in Toronto and dive into the remarkable companies shaping its landscape.

QEA Tech – Illuminating Building Envelopes with AI and Thermal Imaging

QEA Tech combines AI, drone technology, and thermal imaging to provide valuable insights into building envelopes. By leveraging analytics, QEA Tech revolutionizes the construction industry, enabling accurate assessments of building conditions and optimizing energy efficiency. Discover the power of analytics in the built environment with QEA Tech.

Evidence – Open-Source Code-Based Business Intelligence

Evidence develops an open-source code-based business intelligence tool, empowering organizations to extract insights directly from their codebase. By unlocking data from source code, Evidence facilitates data-driven decision-making and enhances software development processes. Unleash the potential of code-based analytics with Evidence.

Maxia – Predictive Analytics for Growth Stage Companies

Maxia specializes in predictive analytics for growth stage companies, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and fuel sustainable growth. By leveraging advanced analytics techniques, Maxia unlocks hidden patterns and trends to guide strategic decision-making. Experience the power of predictive analytics with Maxia.

GrubX – Empowering Food and Beverage Businesses through Cloud-Native Analytics

GrubX is a cloud-native food-tech company that empowers small and medium businesses in the food and beverage sector. By harnessing analytics, GrubX provides actionable insights and streamlines operations, revolutionizing the way businesses in the industry operate. Embrace the power of analytics in the food and beverage sector with GrubX.

Lavin Media – Driving Digital Marketing Success through Data Analysis

Lavin Media offers digital marketing consultation and data analysis services, helping businesses maximize their marketing efforts through data-driven insights. By leveraging analytics, Lavin Media enables organizations to optimize their marketing strategies and achieve exceptional results. Transform your digital marketing with Lavin Media.

Joon Solutions – Revolutionizing Data Stack, ML Modeling, and AI Automation

Joon Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for the data stack, ML modeling, and AI automation. By integrating analytics tools and workflows, Joon Solutions empowers organizations to streamline data processes, build powerful ML models, and automate AI workflows. Step into the future of data and AI with Joon Solutions.

NUMR INC – Unleashing Customer Experience Insights with Text Analytics

NUMR INC offers a SaaS platform for customer experience management, leveraging text analytics and predictive analytics to unlock valuable insights from customer feedback. By harnessing the power of analytics, NUMR INC enables organizations to enhance customer experiences and drive business success. Gain a competitive edge with NUMR INC’s customer experience analytics.

ENGAIZ – The Single Source of Truth for Third-Party Vendor Risk Intelligence

ENGAIZ provides a comprehensive solution for third-party vendor risk intelligence, assessments, audits, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) analysis. By leveraging analytics, ENGAIZ empowers organizations to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and uphold vendor integrity. Establish a solid vendor risk management framework with ENGAIZ.

Consilience Analytics – Streamlining Network Asset Deployment and Management

Consilience Analytics offers software solutions for network asset deployment and management, leveraging analytics to optimize infrastructure operations. By providing actionable insights, Consilience Analytics empowers organizations to streamline asset management processes and improve network performance. Transform your network operations with Consilience

Analytics. RHI Group – Revamping Retail Marketing with Innovative Technology

RHI Group develops a retail marketing technology platform that helps offline retailers thrive in the digital era. By leveraging analytics, RHI Group enables retailers to optimize marketing strategies, increase customer engagement, and drive sales growth. Embrace the future of retail marketing with RHI Group.

iReal – AI-Powered Real Estate Data Platform-as-a-Service

iReal offers a cutting-edge Real Estate Data Platform-as-a-Service, featuring tailor-made AI and natural language processing engines. By harnessing analytics, iReal enables real estate professionals to make data-driven decisions, streamline workflows, and unlock hidden insights in the industry. Revolutionize your real estate ventures with iReal.

Sharechest – Empowering Investor Engagement and Private Placement Optimization

Sharechest provides a web dashboard that offers investor engagement, private placement optimization, analytics, and investment tracking services. By leveraging analytics, Sharechest empowers businesses to optimize investor relationships, streamline private placements, and track investment performance. Take control of your investment strategies with Sharechest.

WatchThemLive – Gaining Actionable Insights from Visitor Activities

WatchThemLive offers a unique web analytics solution that legally captures and analyzes visitor activities on websites. By harnessing analytics, WatchThemLive provides businesses with actionable insights to enhance user experiences, improve website performance, and drive conversions. Uncover the power of website analytics with WatchThemLive.

Cellular Analytics – Optimizing Circulating Tumor Cell Detection

Cellular Analytics develops a microfluidic platform designed to optimize the detection of rare circulating tumor cells. By harnessing analytics, Cellular Analytics enhances cancer diagnostics, enabling early detection and personalized treatment strategies. Explore the future of cancer diagnostics with Cellular Analytics.

Act Analytics – Empowering Wealth Managers with Portfolio Management Solutions

Act Analytics offers a comprehensive portfolio management solution for wealth managers, empowering them to make data-driven investment decisions. By leveraging analytics, Act Analytics enables wealth managers to optimize portfolios, enhance risk management, and drive superior investment outcomes. Elevate your portfolio management strategies with Act Analytics.


Toronto, Ontario, is a fertile ground for analytics companies pushing the boundaries of data-driven insights and empowering businesses across various industries. These 15 remarkable companies showcased the transformative power of analytics in areas such as building construction, software development, customer experience management, retail marketing, and wealth management. As Toronto continues to foster innovation in analytics, expect to see more groundbreaking developments that revolutionize how organizations leverage data to drive success. Stay tuned for the next wave of analytics mavericks emerging from this vibrant city.

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