Theonys – Pioneering Genomic Medicines with tRNA


Welcome to the startup showcase of Theonys, a cutting-edge company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Theonys is at the forefront of harnessing the power of transfer RNA (tRNA) to pioneer a new class of genomic medicines. In this showcase, we explore how Theonys is revolutionizing drug discovery and advancing Precision Translational Reprogramming to address complex, multigenic diseases such as cancer.

Unleashing the Potential of tRNA in Genomic Medicines

Theonys is rewriting the rules of drug discovery by harnessing the power of tRNA. As a patient-focused drug discovery company, Theonys is pioneering an entirely new class of genomic medicines. By leveraging the intricate functions of tRNA, Theonys aims to address complex, multigenic diseases that have proven challenging to treat using traditional approaches.

Precision Translational Reprogramming: A Breakthrough Approach

At the core of Theonys’ groundbreaking work lies Precision Translational Reprogramming, a novel approach to treating complex diseases like cancer. This innovative strategy involves targeting the tRNA network to modify and reprogram cellular processes at the translational level. By precisely manipulating the translation of genetic information, Theonys opens doors to potential therapies that can address the underlying causes of diseases and offer more effective treatment options.

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Cancer, with its multifaceted nature and genetic heterogeneity, presents significant challenges in terms of treatment. Theonys recognizes this critical need and is directing its efforts towards developing transformative therapies for cancer patients. By targeting the tRNA network, Theonys aims to tackle the complexity of cancer genetics, offering new possibilities for precision medicine and personalized treatment approaches. Through their research and development, Theonys strives to revolutionize cancer treatment, providing hope to patients worldwide.

Collaborative Expertise and Innovation

Theonys is fueled by a team of world-renowned experts in tRNA network biology and cancer research. Founded in 2020 by Nick Davis and Pete Dedon at MIT, Richard Gregory at Harvard, and Tom Begley at UAlbany, Theonys brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. This collaborative spirit drives the company’s mission to push the boundaries of genomic medicines and unlock the potential of tRNA for the benefit of patients.


Theonys is at the forefront of revolutionizing medicine with its pioneering work on tRNA-based genomic medicines. Through Precision Translational Reprogramming, Theonys is poised to transform the landscape of drug discovery, particularly in the realm of complex, multigenic diseases such as cancer. With a strong foundation of expertise and a commitment to patient-focused innovation, Theonys is driving advancements that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare and improve outcomes for individuals worldwide.



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