Sonio – Revolutionizing Fetal Ultrasound Diagnosis with AI

Transforming Fetal Ultrasound Diagnosis: Introducing Sonio


In this startup showcase, we present Sonio, a groundbreaking company based in Paris, France. Sonio leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide an innovative support platform for fetal ultrasound, assisting healthcare practitioners in the analysis and diagnosis of congenital malformations. This showcase explores how Sonio is revolutionizing fetal ultrasound diagnosis, empowering physicians with advanced AI capabilities.

Unleashing the Power of AI in Fetal Ultrasound Diagnosis

Sonio is redefining fetal ultrasound diagnosis by harnessing the capabilities of AI. With their AI-based support platform, Sonio assists healthcare practitioners in analyzing and diagnosing congenital malformations. By combining patient medical history, genetic and biological data, and ultrasound semiology, Sonio empowers physicians on their diagnostic journey. This innovative platform enables sonographers to enhance their prenatal screening scans, ensuring comprehensive assessments, considering risk factors, and facilitating seamless image sharing with patients and other healthcare professionals.

Advancing Precision and Efficiency in Diagnosis

Accurate and timely diagnosis is crucial in fetal ultrasound examinations. Sonio’s AI platform takes center stage in supporting healthcare practitioners by providing advanced tools and insights. By integrating patient-specific data and leveraging AI algorithms, Sonio enhances the precision of ultrasound diagnosis, assisting physicians in identifying potential congenital malformations with greater accuracy. This improved efficiency translates into better patient care and informed decision-making.

Enabling Comprehensive Assessments and Risk Factor Analysis

With the complexity of fetal ultrasound examinations, it is vital for sonographers to perform comprehensive assessments and consider various risk factors. Sonio’s AI platform acts as a reliable companion, ensuring that healthcare practitioners have not overlooked any critical details. By providing real-time guidance and risk factor analysis, Sonio empowers sonographers to conduct thorough examinations, enabling more comprehensive diagnoses and reducing the likelihood of missed diagnoses.

Facilitating Collaboration and Image Sharing

In the realm of healthcare, effective collaboration and seamless image sharing are paramount. Sonio recognizes this need and offers a solution that streamlines communication between healthcare professionals and patients. By facilitating the sharing of ultrasound images and reports, Sonio’s platform promotes collaboration, enabling multidisciplinary teams to work together seamlessly. This collaborative approach enhances patient care, as healthcare professionals can easily access relevant information and provide accurate diagnoses and appropriate interventions.


Sonio is at the forefront of revolutionizing fetal ultrasound diagnosis through its AI-powered support platform. By leveraging AI algorithms and integrating patient-specific data, Sonio empowers healthcare practitioners to perform comprehensive assessments, analyze risk factors, and make accurate diagnoses of congenital malformations. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and collaboration, Sonio is transforming the field of fetal ultrasound, enhancing patient care, and enabling better outcomes.



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