Revolutionizing Caregiving with Advanced Tools and Data Analytics

Sage - Transforming Care with Innovative Technology


Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we bring you the most exciting startups that are making a significant impact in various industries. In this edition, we present Sage, a pioneering company that is revolutionizing caregiving by providing advanced tools and data analytics to improve the care and quality of life for older adults. Join us as we delve into how Sage’s innovative technology is transforming the caregiving landscape, empowering caregivers and enhancing the well-being of older adults.

Enhancing Care for Older Adults

In the realm of caregiving, providing personalized care and ensuring the well-being of older adults is of utmost importance. Recognizing the challenges faced by caregivers and the need for advanced tools, Sage has emerged as a leading startup dedicated to transforming caregiving through innovative technology. Based in New York, Sage offers an operating system that equips caregivers with better tools to deliver individualized care, empowering them to provide exceptional support and assistance to older adults.

Revolutionizing Care with Customizable Alert Systems

At the core of Sage’s solution is a customizable alert system that enables older adults to easily request help or assistance from caregivers. Through custom press and voice-activated devices, residents can alert caregivers with specific needs or emergencies, ensuring prompt and targeted assistance. This advanced alert system enhances the safety and well-being of older adults, giving them peace of mind and allowing caregivers to respond swiftly to their unique requirements. Sage’s technology creates a seamless and efficient communication channel between residents and caregivers, fostering a supportive caregiving environment.

Harnessing Data Analytics for Enhanced Care Decisions

Sage goes beyond providing caregiver tools by offering a robust data platform that collects and analyzes vital data, empowering facilities to make informed care decisions. By capturing and analyzing health anomalies, Sage’s data platform enables caregivers to identify potential health issues early on, leading to proactive interventions and better health outcomes for older adults. Moreover, Sage’s analytics tools also help facilities analyze staff performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize caregiving operations. This data-driven approach not only enhances the quality of care but also empowers managers to run facilities more efficiently and effectively.

Empowering Caregivers, Enhancing Lives

Sage’s innovative technology is transforming the caregiving landscape by empowering caregivers and improving the quality of life for older adults. Through their advanced tools and data analytics, Sage enables caregivers to deliver individualized care, respond promptly to resident needs, and create a nurturing environment that enhances the well-being of older adults. By harnessing the power of technology and data, Sage is revolutionizing the way caregiving is approached, fostering a new era of personalized and efficient care.

Join the Sage Revolution

Sage is redefining caregiving through innovative technology and data analytics, empowering caregivers to provide exceptional care and enhancing the lives of older adults. To learn more about Sage and their transformative solutions, visit their official website at Connect with Sage on LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest developments and advancements in the field of caregiving technology.


Sage is at the forefront of transforming caregiving through their advanced tools and data analytics. By empowering caregivers with customizable alert systems and providing facilities with valuable insights through data analysis, Sage is revolutionizing the way caregiving is delivered. With their commitment to enhancing the well-being of older adults and improving caregiver efficiency, Sage is paving the way for a future where technology and compassion intersect to provide exceptional care.


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