Remokly – Redefining Remote Workforce Engagement and Productivity Management

Remote work has become a buzzword in recent times, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. While some companies have adapted well to this change, others are still struggling to keep their employees engaged and productive. This is where Remokly comes in – a remote workforce engagement and productivity management enterprise suite.

What is Remokly?

Remokly is a platform that aims to keep people fully engaged with their organizations, irrespective of their working locations. With Remokly, users can visualize being present in a workplace as realistically as set by the organization admin, configuring the floor plans and office locations. Users can make instant video calls to online team members across multiple offices of the organization. Chat, audio calls, online meetings, and more are other features available on Remokly.

Productivity Management

One of the most significant features of Remokly is productivity management. With Remokly, visual, verifiable, and up-to-date tasks and time tracking reports of the people are available to organization admins. These productivity reports also help users to stay focused on work. With Remokly, users can easily manage their tasks, deadlines, and projects. This feature helps organizations keep track of their employees’ productivity and helps them identify areas that need improvement.


Remote work can make employees feel isolated and disconnected from their team and organization. Remokly addresses this issue by providing an engaging and immersive experience to remote workers. With Remokly, employees can experience the organization’s culture and vibe, no matter where they are working from. This platform enables employees to feel like they are part of the organization and work together with their team members to achieve common goals.


Another significant advantage of using Remokly is that it is cost-effective. With Remokly, organizations can reduce their infrastructure and travel costs, as they do not need to invest in physical office spaces. The platform’s virtual offices enable organizations to conduct online meetings, collaborations, and trainings without incurring any additional costs.


In conclusion, Remokly is an innovative platform that is redefining remote workforce engagement and productivity management. With its unique features, Remokly enables organizations to keep their employees engaged, productive, and connected. It is a cost-effective solution for companies looking to adapt to the remote work culture. Remokly is undoubtedly a platform to watch out for in the future.





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