Pro Detectorist – A Blog for Antique Metal and Relic Hunters

Are you fascinated by the idea of discovering ancient artifacts and relics? If you are, then you’ll love Pro Detectorist, a startup devoted to sharing resources, opinions, tutorials, and product reviews for metal detecting hobbyists. With its dedicated team of professionals, Pro Detectorist aims to help beginners and hobbyists learn about metal detecting and purchase the right product for their needs.

Resourceful Content for Metal Detecting Enthusiasts

Pro Detectorist is a treasure trove of information for antique metal and relic hunters. The blog provides a wealth of resources to help hobbyists discover and identify objects that they find during their metal detecting excursions. From articles on the best metal detectors for different types of terrain to tips for finding ancient coins and relics, the blog has something for everyone.

Expert Product Reviews

With the market flooded with metal detecting products, choosing the right equipment can be overwhelming. Pro Detectorist aims to help hobbyists select the right product for their needs through their expert product reviews. The reviews are written after hours of research and discussion with experts to ensure that readers have access to accurate and unbiased information. The startup’s reviews cover a wide range of metal detecting products, from beginner-friendly models to high-end professional-grade detectors.

Community Engagement

Pro Detectorist believes that the key to success in metal detecting is a sense of community. The startup encourages readers to share their experiences and discoveries with other hobbyists through their contact page. Readers can also connect with the startup’s social media accounts to stay updated on the latest news and trends in the world of metal detecting.


Pro Detectorist is an excellent startup that caters to the needs of antique metal and relic hunters. With its resourceful content, expert product reviews, and community engagement, the startup provides a platform for hobbyists to learn, connect and discover new treasures.



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