PlayJoy Studios – Game Development & Art Outsourcing Company

Lean and result-oriented team with a varied technology stack

Looking for a reliable game development and art outsourcing company? PlayJoy Studios might just be the answer to your needs. Established three years ago, PlayJoy Studios is a Ukrainian-based company that has partially relocated to Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia. They offer a variety of services from game porting, full-cycle project development, co-development, art assets development, marketing materials, and live-ops support.

Game Porting Services

PlayJoy Studios offers excellent game porting services. They have good experience with mobile and consoles such as PS, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch. Some of their recently completed mobile and consoles porting projects include Turnip Boy and Abandon Ship. Their team ensures that the quality of work is top-notch, and they provide great response to change requests.

Full-Cycle Project Development

Whether you have a fully fleshed out idea or just a concept, PlayJoy Studios can help bring your game to life. They can provide creative vision for your direction with a full-fledged game design document. They also offer full-cycle project development based on your idea or direction. Their team is experienced in Unity and Unreal development, and other technologies.

Art Assets Development

PlayJoy Studios can develop art assets for both 2D and 3D. They can also develop UI and animations/VFX. Their team of professionals has at least 5-10 years of experience in the industry on complex projects, making them a reliable partner for any game development needs.

Co-Development Services

If you need help in the middle of a development and need to add resources, PlayJoy Studios can help. They offer co-development services, which can help you with a specific part of the project such as SDKs, video ads, optimization, and extra features. Their team is flexible and can help you on any project stage.


PlayJoy Studios is a reliable game development and art outsourcing company that offers a variety of services. Their team is experienced, lean, and result-oriented. They offer excellent quality of work and friendly, mutually beneficial cooperation. If you’re looking for a game development partner, be sure to check out PlayJoy Studios.




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