Phylum – Automated Software Supply Chain Risk Analysis for Secure Innovation

Defending Developers and Organizations Through Proactive Risk Management

Welcome to the Startup Showcase featuring Phylum, a Colorado-based startup revolutionizing software supply chain risk analysis. Phylum provides powerful and automated solutions that protect organizations, defend developers, and enable secure innovation. By analyzing open-source packages immediately upon publication, Phylum identifies and manages risks through policy-driven automation. Join us as we delve into Phylum’s game-changing approach to software supply chain security and its impact on the future of secure development.

Proactive Risk Management

Phylum sets itself apart by offering automated software supply chain risk analysis that is proactive and comprehensive. As soon as open-source packages are published, Phylum’s robust analysis algorithms swiftly assess them for potential risks. This immediate evaluation allows organizations to identify vulnerabilities, malicious packages, and illegitimate sources, ensuring that developers can make informed decisions from the earliest stages of their projects.

Furthermore, Phylum enables policy-driven automation for managing these risks. By defining clear guidelines and policies, organizations can seamlessly integrate Phylum into their continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems, such as GitHub and GitLab. This integration ensures that potential risks are proactively addressed, allowing for the blocking of dangerous or compromised open-source packages before they can impact the development process.

Complete Supply Chain Coverage

Phylum understands the diverse landscape of programming languages and aims to provide comprehensive supply chain coverage. Currently supporting popular languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, Go, and Rust, Phylum offers risk analysis across a wide range of development environments. This inclusive approach allows organizations to leverage Phylum’s capabilities regardless of their preferred programming language, ensuring that security measures are not compromised based on language choices.

Phylum’s commitment to continuous improvement means that support for additional languages is in the pipeline. By expanding their coverage, Phylum stays at the forefront of emerging language trends and ensures that developers across various ecosystems can benefit from their cutting-edge risk analysis solutions.

Recognized Impact

Phylum’s dedication to enhancing software security has not gone unnoticed. In 2022, their analysis of open-source packages identified thousands of new malicious packages, malicious authors, and supply chain risks. This significant contribution to open-source software security earned Phylum the prestigious BlackHat Innovation Spotlight award, affirming their pioneering work in the field.

The recognition of Phylum’s impact further solidifies their position as a leader in the software supply chain risk analysis space. With a track record of success, Phylum continues to innovate and provide organizations with the tools they need to defend against threats and drive secure innovation.


Phylum is transforming software supply chain risk analysis by offering automated solutions that protect organizations, defend developers, and enable secure innovation. With their proactive approach, policy-driven automation, and comprehensive supply chain coverage, Phylum equips organizations with the means to address potential risks from the moment open-source packages are published. Through their remarkable achievements and industry recognition, Phylum has demonstrated their commitment to advancing software security and driving a future where secure development is the norm.




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