Navigating the Real Estate Horizon – Exploring Property Management Companies in Texas


In the dynamic world of real estate, property management companies play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation and maximized value of properties. From residential complexes to commercial spaces, these companies handle everything from leasing and maintenance to financial management and tenant relations. Texas, with its thriving real estate market and diverse property landscape, is home to numerous innovative and reliable property management companies. In this article, we will explore 15 interesting property management companies in Texas, showcasing their expertise, services, and the impact they make in the realm of property management. Join us as we embark on a journey through the fascinating world of property management in the Lone Star State.


James-Hawkins is a prominent property management holding company based in Texas. With a comprehensive portfolio of properties across various sectors, they provide strategic oversight and management services, ensuring the optimal performance and growth of their real estate assets.

Nestep Inc.

Nestep Inc. specializes in real estate technology solutions for property management. Their innovative platforms and software empower property owners and managers with advanced tools for efficient operations, streamlined communication, and enhanced tenant experiences.

Birchstone Residential

Birchstone Residential is a leading property management firm that offers a wide range of services, including leasing, maintenance, and construction management. Their dedicated team ensures that properties under their management are well-maintained, tenants’ needs are met, and investments yield maximum returns.

Cross Development

Cross Development is a reputable real estate firm in Texas that provides expert real estate advisory services. Their experienced team offers strategic guidance, market analysis, and development insights to clients, helping them make informed decisions and navigate the complex real estate landscape.


SellWhenever is a dynamic real estate company focused on property management. They specialize in maximizing property value through effective management strategies, tenant retention programs, and proactive maintenance, ensuring landlords achieve their investment goals.

Cre Cloud Solutions

Cre Cloud Solutions offers email marketing and commercial real estate WordPress websites, catering specifically to property management professionals. Their tailored solutions help property managers effectively market their properties, connect with potential tenants, and streamline their online presence.

Turner Brothers

Turner Brothers is a versatile company that provides a comprehensive range of services, including real estate, property management, and construction. With their multidisciplinary expertise, they offer end-to-end solutions for property owners and investors, from acquisition to property management and beyond.

Think Multifamily

Think Multifamily is a renowned real estate investment company that specializes in acquiring, owning, and operating multifamily apartments. With a focus on maximizing returns and creating desirable living environments, they provide top-notch property management services for multifamily properties across Texas.

Rhome Rental and Home Management

Rhome Rental and Home Management is a property management and leasing company. With their expertise in managing rental properties, they ensure efficient operations, tenant satisfaction, and optimal returns for property owners.

Eagle Dental Management

Eagle Dental Management provides accounting, revenue cycle, and human capital management services for dental practices. With their specialized focus on dental offices, they offer tailored solutions for efficient practice management and growth.

DreamOn Group

DreamOn Group provides development, construction, renovation, and project management services for public and private sector clients. With their expertise, they bring dreams to life by delivering exceptional real estate projects on time and within budget.


GreySwitch specializes in helping individuals preserve their wealth through foreign real estate ownership. They provide guidance, support, and resources for those interested in investing in international properties, offering unique opportunities for diversification and financial growth.


Redibs is a comprehensive real estate agency that provides brokerage, investment assistance, property management, and leasing services

. With their expertise and market knowledge, they assist clients in making sound real estate decisions and maximizing the value of their investments.

TD Realty

TD Realty is a trusted real estate agency that provides property management services. With their personalized approach and attention to detail, they ensure that properties are well-maintained, tenants are satisfied, and owners can enjoy a hassle-free rental experience.

Grayce Property Consultants

Grayce Property Consultants is a commercial real estate company that specializes in property management. Their expertise in managing commercial properties ensures operational efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and optimized returns for property owners.


Property management companies in Texas play a crucial role in the success and profitability of real estate investments. From overseeing property operations to enhancing tenant experiences, these companies provide invaluable services that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the real estate market. The 15 companies highlighted in this article exemplify the innovation, expertise, and commitment to excellence that define the property management landscape in Texas. Whether it’s through advanced technology solutions, strategic advisory services, or comprehensive management approaches, these companies are driving the industry forward and setting new standards for property management in the Lone Star State.

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