Murph Workout Radio – An Energizing Fitness Companion for Motivated People

Murph Workout Radio is a new age mobile app and music streaming website that offers motivational fitness radio stations that are designed to keep the listeners energized and motivated while they work out. The California based startup was founded with a mission to help people push their limits and achieve their fitness goals with a little help from the right music and inspiring quotes.

Free Streaming Music Channels

Murph Workout Radio offers free streaming music channels that are categorized by music type, activity type, and fitness-related categories. The platform has a wide range of music to offer, ranging from high-energy electronic dance music to motivating rap songs that are carefully curated to give users the perfect workout playlist for any mood. The music channels come in two categories, one that features classic music, and the other that features music with motivational quotes. Users can choose from a range of workout channels, including cardio, strength training, running, and yoga.

Smartphone Apps

Murph Workout Radio offers a mobile app for both Apple and Google Play, which makes it easier for people to access their favorite workout channels on the go. The app is designed to provide users with a seamless experience, which includes a user-friendly interface, playlist creation, and personalized music recommendations based on user preferences.

Custom Transformations

One of the unique features of Murph Workout Radio is their custom transformations, which involves remixing popular songs with motivational quotes from top speakers and popular films. The custom transformations create highly energized, original music aimed at fitness fans worldwide.


Murph Workout Radio is an excellent fitness companion for anyone looking to stay motivated and energized during their workouts. Their free streaming music channels, mobile app, and custom transformations are unique features that set them apart from other fitness apps and music streaming websites. The startup is continuously innovating and expanding its music library, and it has the potential to become a game-changer in the fitness industry.




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