Minterest – Unleashing High Yields in DeFi


Welcome to Startup Showcase, where we bring you the latest innovations from the startup world. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on Minterest, a pioneering company that is revolutionizing the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. Minterest is redefining the concept of yields by delivering the highest long-term returns in DeFi, setting a new standard for investors and users alike.

Unveiling the Power of Minterest

Minterest is a decentralized lending protocol that is reshaping the interest rate markets for token assets. By harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, Minterest introduces a unique economic model that enables the protocol to capture 100% of the fees generated from its various functions, including interest, flash loan, and auto-liquidation fees. This innovative approach ensures that the value generated within the ecosystem is reinvested back into the platform, benefiting its users directly.

A Rewarding Governance Model

One of the key aspects that sets Minterest apart is its governance model. The protocol’s native MNT governance token plays a pivotal role in aligning the interests of the community and the platform itself. Through automated buyback processes, the fees generated by the protocol are converted into MNT tokens, which are then distributed to the users as a reward for their active participation in the governance of the protocol. This innovative incentive mechanism not only encourages participation but also aligns the community’s goals with the growth and success of Minterest.

Unparalleled Yields in DeFi

With its robust economic model and rewarding governance system, Minterest delivers unparalleled long-term yields in the DeFi space. By reinvesting the fees generated by the protocol and distributing them to its users, Minterest ensures that participants are rewarded for their trust and active involvement. This approach attracts investors and users seeking attractive returns on their investments while simultaneously contributing to the growth and stability of the ecosystem.


Minterest is transforming the DeFi landscape by providing investors and users with an unparalleled opportunity to earn high long-term yields. Through its decentralized lending protocol and innovative economic model, Minterest captures and reinvests fees to benefit its users directly. The protocol’s rewarding governance model aligns the interests of the community with the success of the platform, fostering a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

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