Lumos – Revolutionizing How Companies Access Apps

The First AppStore for Companies, Empowering Employees Quickly and Securely

Lumos is revolutionizing how companies access apps, with its innovative AppStore that provides employees with the right access to the right apps and permissions for the right amount of time. This San Francisco-based startup has attracted attention from some of the world’s most modern companies and is backed by top venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Empowering Employees with Superpowers

Lumos is built on the belief that technology gives us superpowers. By equipping everyone in a company with superpowers, Lumos is making it possible for companies to quickly and securely access the apps they need to be productive and compliant at the same time. Lumos’s AppStore is a central platform where companies can provide their employees with the right tools, access to data, and permissions to apps, all in one place.

Ensuring Compliance and Productivity

Lumos is a game-changer for companies, ensuring that employees have access to the apps they need while maintaining security and compliance. Lumos provides granular controls that let companies fine-tune access to apps and permissions, with full visibility into what apps employees are using and when. Lumos makes it easy to enforce compliance and regulatory requirements, with automatic revocation of access to apps when an employee leaves a company or changes roles.

Trusted by Modern Companies and Venture Capitalists

Lumos has quickly gained traction with some of the world’s most modern companies, including Fastly, Vox Media, Lattice, Getaround, Buzzfeed, and Dialpad. These companies recognize the value of Lumos’s innovative approach to app access and control. Lumos has also attracted the attention of venture capitalists, with a funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms.

Making App Access Simple and Secure

In a world where access to data and apps is essential for companies to remain competitive, Lumos is leading the way with its innovative AppStore. Lumos is making app access simple and secure, empowering employees to be more productive while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. With its backing by Andreessen Horowitz and its growing list of customers, Lumos is poised to revolutionize how companies access apps.




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