Leyden Labs – Pioneering Virus Protection for Humanity’s Freedom

Unleashing Innovative Solutions to Combat Respiratory Viruses


Leyden Labs, a visionary startup based in Amsterdam, is revolutionizing the fight against respiratory viruses by targeting the commonalities of viral families. With a mission to protect humanity from known and future viruses, Leyden Labs provides a cutting-edge platform that holds the potential to unleash innovative solutions in virus protection. In this Startup Showcase, we explore the groundbreaking work of Leyden Labs and how they are spearheading the fight against respiratory viruses.

Rethinking Virus Protection through Commonalities

Leyden Labs takes a unique approach to virus protection by identifying and targeting commonalities among viral families. By focusing on shared characteristics, Leyden Labs aims to develop solutions that can effectively combat a wide range of respiratory viruses, including strains from the influenza and coronavirus families. This groundbreaking strategy has the potential to provide immediate protection and prevention against multiple viral threats, empowering individuals to live their lives to the fullest.

Accessible Intranasal Product Candidates

At the core of Leyden Labs’ portfolio are accessible intranasal product candidates. These innovative formulations offer a promising avenue for individuals to safeguard themselves from respiratory viruses. By harnessing the power of intranasal delivery, Leyden Labs aims to provide a user-friendly and convenient method of virus protection that can be readily adopted by people of all ages. These product candidates have the potential to significantly reduce the transmission and impact of respiratory viruses, bringing about a new era of virus prevention.

Empowering a Dedicated and Diverse Team

Leyden Labs is driven by an energetic team of world-renowned biotechnology veterans and fresh talent. This diverse group of professionals is united by a shared dedication to thinking differently and freeing humanity from the burden of respiratory viruses. With their collective expertise, Leyden Labs is pushing the boundaries of virus protection, relentlessly pursuing innovative solutions to address the pressing challenges posed by respiratory viruses. Through their unique blend of experience and fresh perspectives, Leyden Labs is poised to make a significant impact on the field of viral protection.Founded in Amsterdam, Leyden Labs has quickly emerged as a frontrunner in the fight against respiratory viruses. Their visionary approach and commitment to thinking differently have garnered attention and admiration within the biotechnology community.


Leyden Labs is revolutionizing virus protection by targeting the commonalities of viral families. With their cutting-edge platform and accessible intranasal product candidates, Leyden Labs aims to empower individuals with the freedom to protect themselves from respiratory viruses. By combining the expertise of their dedicated team and their commitment to thinking differently, Leyden Labs is poised to shape the future of virus prevention and liberate humanity from the burden of respiratory viruses.

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