Kojin Therapeutics – Pioneering Targeted Therapeutics for Hard-to-Treat Diseases


Welcome to InnovationTech.news’ Startup Showcase, where we bring you the most cutting-edge companies revolutionizing the startup landscape. In this edition, we turn our attention to Kojin Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical startup based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kojin is on a mission to develop targeted therapeutics based on cell state and ferroptosis biology, providing new hope for treating a broad range of hard-to-treat diseases. Join us as we explore their innovative approach, vision, and the groundbreaking solutions they are bringing to the field.

Understanding the Cell State

Kojin Therapeutics is at the forefront of biopharmaceutical innovation, harnessing the power of cell state and ferroptosis biology to develop new targeted therapeutics. Founded by visionaries Stuart Schreiber, Benjamin Cravatt, Stephanie Dougan, and Vasanthi Viswanathan, Kojin is accelerating a drug discovery platform that connects complex cell states to known biochemical processes, such as ferroptosis, or iron-dependent cell death. This unique approach enables Kojin to develop selective therapies for a wide range of hard-to-treat diseases, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in medicine.

Unleashing the Potential of Ferroptosis

Ferroptosis, a form of regulated cell death triggered by oxidative stress and iron accumulation, has recently emerged as a promising avenue for therapeutic intervention. Kojin Therapeutics recognizes the immense potential of ferroptosis and is pioneering research and development in this field. By unraveling the underlying mechanisms and exploiting the cell state connections, Kojin is uncovering novel targets for drug discovery, leading to the development of innovative therapies that can overcome the challenges of previously untreatable diseases.

A Robust Network of Support

Kojin Therapeutics has garnered significant support from prominent investors and collaborators within the biopharmaceutical industry. Their roster of investors includes Polaris Partners, Newpath Partners, Cathay Health, Leaps by Bayer, AbbVie Inc., Eventide Asset Management, Alexandria, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute venture firm, Binney Street Capital. This robust network of support not only provides the necessary financial backing but also brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise, accelerating Kojin’s drug discovery efforts and propelling them closer to their goal of bringing transformative therapies to patients in need.


Kojin Therapeutics is a pioneering force in the biopharmaceutical industry, leveraging the intricate connections between cell state and ferroptosis biology to develop targeted therapeutics for hard-to-treat diseases. With an innovative drug discovery platform and a focus on unlocking the potential of ferroptosis, Kojin is breaking new ground in the field of medicine. Supported by a network of esteemed investors and collaborators, Kojin is poised to make a significant impact in transforming patient care. Join Kojin on their journey as they revolutionize the treatment landscape and bring hope to those battling challenging diseases.

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