Innovative Software Companies in Zug, Switzerland: Paving the Way for Blockchain and Future Technologies

Explore the Swiss City's Thriving Tech Scene and Meet the Companies That Are Revolutionizing Blockchain, Fintech, Livestreaming, and More!

Zug, a small town located in Switzerland, is a hotbed of innovation and technology. The city has earned the nickname “Crypto Valley” for its thriving blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. However, Zug is not just about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The town is also home to many exciting software companies that are doing groundbreaking work in their respective fields. Here are 15 of the most interesting software companies based in Zug, Switzerland.

Zug, Switzerland has been known as the “Crypto Valley” due to the high concentration of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies in the area. However, the city has also become a hub for other innovative software companies that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology. In this article, we will showcase 15 interesting software companies in Zug, Switzerland and highlight their unique contributions to the industry.


Velas is a software company that offers a fast EVM blockchain as well as an ecosystem for smart contracts and dApps. The Velas blockchain is designed to be scalable, fast, and secure, making it ideal for developers who want to build decentralized applications. With its user-friendly interface and advanced technology, Velas is quickly becoming a popular choice among developers who are looking for a reliable blockchain platform.


IPOR Labs is a software company that specializes in blockchain-based derivatives software development. With a team of experienced developers and financial experts, IPOR Labs is focused on creating innovative solutions that will help shape the future of finance. Their goal is to create a more efficient and transparent financial system through the use of blockchain technology.

Portofino Technologies

Portofino Technologies is a software company that is building financial infrastructure technology to power digital asset adoption. Their platform enables businesses to easily integrate digital assets into their existing systems, allowing for seamless transactions and improved efficiency. Portofino Technologies is committed to making digital assets more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Quai Network

Quai Network is a software company that is building a network of blockchains utilizing the potential of merged mining and sharding. The project is developed by Dominant Strategies and is designed to offer a more scalable and secure blockchain solution. With the Quai Network, developers can build decentralized applications that are faster, more efficient, and more secure than ever before.

Gelato – Web3’s Decentralized Backend Empowering Builders to Create Augmented Smart Contracts

Gelato is a software company that offers web3’s decentralized backend, empowering builders to create augmented smart contracts that are automated, gasless & off-chain aware. With Gelato, developers can build decentralized applications that are more efficient and easier to use. Gelato is quickly becoming a popular choice among developers who want to build cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

Vinivia AG – Providing Interactive Livestreaming Solutions

Vinivia AG is a software company that provides interactive livestreaming solutions. Their platform enables businesses to create engaging and interactive livestreaming experiences that can be used for a wide range of purposes. From marketing and advertising to entertainment and education, Vinivia AG is changing the way businesses interact with their customers.

DeepSquare – Tokenised Cloud – Sustainable, Decentralised

DeepSquare is a software company that is focused on creating a sustainable, decentralized cloud. Their goal is to create a more secure and efficient cloud infrastructure that is powered by blockchain technology. With DeepSquare, businesses can enjoy the benefits of a decentralized cloud without sacrificing security or efficiency.

Autentica – Utilizing Blockchain Technology to Certify and Authenticate Digital Assets

Autentica is a software company that utilizes blockchain technology to certify and authenticate digital assets. With Autentica, businesses can ensure that their digital assets are secure and protected from fraud or theft. Autentica is committed to creating a more secure and trustworthy digital ecosystem.


Alphanect is a software company in Zug that specializes in Fintech, SaaS, Asset Management, and Wealth Management. They provide a range of software solutions to help their clients manage their assets and wealth. The company’s solutions are designed to be user-friendly, secure, and customizable, providing their clients with the flexibility they need to manage their finances effectively.

GOGO Protocol

GOGO Protocol is an open-source DeFi protocol for asset management and savings. The company’s platform allows users to earn interest on their digital assets, borrow against their assets, and trade cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner. GOGO Protocol is committed to creating a more decentralized financial system that is accessible to everyone.


MapTiler is a software platform for building digital maps. The company’s software allows users to create their own maps using their own data, as well as data from other sources. MapTiler’s software is user-friendly and customizable, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who need to create their own maps.


Supertrends is a start-up engaged in futures research, whose mission is to identify and track the trends that will reshape the future. The company’s team of experts uses data analytics and machine learning to identify emerging trends in technology, economics, and society. Supertrends’ insights can help businesses and individuals prepare for the future and stay ahead of the curve.


SIBEX is a software company that provides access to a decentralized, non-custodial, peer-to-peer OTC dark pool for digital assets. The company’s platform allows users to trade digital assets in a secure and decentralized manner, without the need for a third-party intermediary. SIBEX is committed to creating a more transparent and accessible financial system.


Bitsliced is the creator of the Sliced app. The Sliced app is an application where real-world assets will be represented by NFTs. The app allows users to buy and sell fractional ownership of assets, such as real estate, art, and collectibles, using cryptocurrency. Bitsliced is committed to creating a more accessible and equitable financial system that allows everyone to invest in the assets they believe in.


Zug, Switzerland, is home to a diverse range of software companies, each with its unique offerings and specialties. From blockchain-based derivatives software to decentralized, non-custodial, peer-to-peer OTC dark pool for digital assets, these companies are at the forefront of innovation in the software industry. Zug’s business-friendly environment, strong government support, and proximity to other tech hubs in Europe make it an attractive destination for startups and established companies alike. The software companies featured in this article are just a few examples of the exciting tech scene in Zug, and we can expect more innovative companies to emerge in the coming years.

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