Haven – Revolutionizing Homeowner Engagement in the Mortgage Industry

Transforming the Home Journey - Empowering Homeowners with Haven


In this startup showcase, we present Haven, a dynamic technology and marketplace platform based in Brooklyn, New York. Haven aims to revolutionize the U.S. mortgage industry by unlocking homeowner engagement for mortgage servicers. With a mission to deliver modern digital experiences and frictionless financial products, Haven is transforming the lives of millions of homeowners and reshaping one of the world’s largest asset classes.

Unlocking the Power of Homeowner Engagement

Haven is disrupting the $11 trillion U.S. mortgage industry by reimagining the way homeowners engage with their mortgage servicers. Traditional technologies used by mortgage lenders and servicers are often outdated, leaving borrowers craving modern digital experiences and seamless financial products throughout their home journey. Haven recognizes this demand and aims to deliver transformational solutions on a massive scale, enhancing lives within this significant asset class.

A Vision for Digital Transformation

Haven’s vision centers around leveraging cutting-edge technology to create an ecosystem where homeowners are empowered and provided with a seamless mortgage experience. By combining innovative digital tools with a marketplace platform, Haven is reshaping the way mortgage servicers engage with their customers. The goal is to streamline processes, enhance communication, and ultimately improve the overall homeowner experience.

Capitalizing on Expertise and Support

Led by a team of seasoned veterans from the realms of tech startups and financial marketplaces, Haven is well-equipped to drive innovation and foster growth in the mortgage industry. With the support of top fintech and mortgage venture funds, the company is able to leverage valuable expertise, capital, and resources to propel their vision forward. Haven’s strong foundation ensures they have the necessary tools to revolutionize homeowner engagement in the mortgage industry.

Pioneering Change with Early Adopters

Haven’s transformative approach to homeowner engagement has already garnered the attention of industry leaders. One of the nation’s largest mortgage companies has embraced Haven’s platform as an early customer, recognizing the immense potential and value it offers to borrowers. This partnership underscores Haven’s commitment to driving change and reimagining the mortgage industry from within.


Haven is a trailblazing startup that is reshaping the U.S. mortgage industry by unlocking homeowner engagement. By delivering modern digital experiences and frictionless financial products, Haven is empowering millions of homeowners and revolutionizing the home journey. Backed by top fintech and mortgage venture funds, and led by experienced leaders in the field, Haven is poised to transform the lives of borrowers, catalyzing change in one of the world’s largest asset classes.

Website havenservicing.com

LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/haven-2

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