Gameto – Revolutionizing Female Reproductive Health

Redefining Therapeutics through Cell Engineering and Innovation


Welcome to, the leading platform for groundbreaking startups and technological innovations. In this Startup Showcase, we turn our attention to Gameto, a pioneering biotechnology company based in New York City. Gameto is on a mission to redefine female reproductive health by leveraging cell engineering to develop innovative therapeutics. Join us as we explore how Gameto is revolutionizing the field and transforming the lives of women worldwide.

Unleashing the Power of Cell Engineering

Women’s reproductive health is an area that has long been overlooked and underserved. Gameto is determined to change this narrative by utilizing cutting-edge scientific advancements in cell engineering. With their proprietary platform, Gameto is able to produce female reproductive cell lines that mimic the functions of endogenous cells. Through the precise manipulation of hiPSCs (human induced pluripotent stem cells) and the use of transcription factors, they have developed engineered ovarian and endometrium cell lines capable of producing and responding to hormones. This groundbreaking technology opens the door to a new era of therapeutics for female reproductive diseases.

Transforming IVF and Egg Freezing with Fertilo

One of Gameto’s flagship programs is Fertilo, a groundbreaking therapeutic designed to enhance in vitro fertilization (IVF) and egg freezing processes. Fertilo aims to make these procedures shorter, safer, and more effective, offering hope to individuals and couples struggling with infertility. By leveraging their cellular engineering platform, Gameto is advancing the development of innovative solutions that can revolutionize assisted reproductive technologies. Fertilo represents a significant step forward in improving outcomes for fertility treatments and empowering individuals on their path to parenthood.

Deovo – Unlocking the Potential of Organoids

Gameto’s commitment to innovation extends beyond traditional therapeutics. With their platform, they are also advancing the development of Deovo, an organoid of the female reproductive system. Organoids are miniature three-dimensional models that replicate the structure and functionality of specific organs. By creating a female reproductive organoid, Gameto aims to unlock new possibilities in research, drug discovery, and personalized medicine. The Deovo organoid has the potential to revolutionize preclinical testing, enabling scientists to study the effects of treatments and interventions on a realistic model of the female reproductive system.

Ameno – Addressing Health Consequences of Ovarian Insufficiency and Menopause

Another promising application of Gameto’s cell engineering platform is Ameno, a cell-based therapeutic aimed at ameliorating the health consequences of primary ovarian insufficiency and menopause. These conditions often bring about a range of physical and emotional challenges for women. By developing a cellular therapy specifically tailored to address the unique needs of these individuals, Gameto seeks to enhance their quality of life and provide a novel approach to managing the symptoms associated with ovarian insufficiency and menopause. Ameno represents a significant advancement in personalized medicine for women’s health.


Gameto is at the forefront of transforming female reproductive health through its innovative cell engineering platform. By redefining therapeutics for conditions that have long been underserved, Gameto is revolutionizing the landscape of women’s health. With programs like Fertilo, Deovo, and Ameno, Gameto is paving the way for improved outcomes in assisted reproductive technologies, research, and personalized medicine. As they continue to push the boundaries of innovation, Gameto is set to reshape the future of female reproductive health, providing hope and improving the lives of countless women worldwide.




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