ExeVir Bio – Harnessing Llama Antibodies for Global Viral Defense

Revolutionary Single-Domain Antibody Therapies for Viral Infections

Welcome to the Startup Showcase of ExeVir Bio, a Belgium-based biotech company at the forefront of combating viral infections. This showcase highlights ExeVir Bio’s groundbreaking development of single-domain antibody-based therapies, derived from llamas, to provide patients with robust protection against viral pathogens. With their innovative VHH technology, ExeVir Bio is revolutionizing the landscape of antiviral treatments, offering a rapid response platform to address global health threats. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of ExeVir Bio’s pioneering approach to viral defense.

Revolutionary Defense

ExeVir Bio’s core mission is to develop single-domain antibody-based therapies that empower patients to ward off viral infections effectively. Drawing inspiration from llamas, which naturally produce unique antibodies, ExeVir Bio leverages their innovative VHH technology platform. Single-domain antibodies derived from llamas, known as VHHs or nanobodies, offer distinct advantages over traditional antibodies, such as smaller size, enhanced stability, and exceptional target specificity. By harnessing these remarkable capabilities, ExeVir Bio pioneers a new era of viral defense.

  1. Agile Response to Global Health Threats: Rapid Response Platform

The need for swift and adaptable responses to emerging viral threats has never been more evident. ExeVir Bio’s rapid response platform for antivirals provides a solution to this critical challenge. By leveraging their efficient and streamlined technology, ExeVir Bio significantly shortens the throughput time required to generate drug candidates. This agile approach enables the company to swiftly identify and develop potential therapeutics, ensuring a proactive response to novel viral outbreaks. With ExeVir Bio’s rapid response platform, the world gains a powerful tool in the fight against emerging infectious diseases.

Global Access to Effective Therapeutics

ExeVir Bio’s commitment to global health extends beyond developing potent antiviral therapies. The company recognizes the importance of accessibility and affordability in delivering life-saving treatments worldwide. With their protein-based therapeutics, ExeVir Bio ensures sufficient stability and ease of production, allowing for cost-effective manufacturing at scale. This approach paves the way for true global access, removing barriers to treatment and empowering healthcare systems around the world to combat viral infections effectively.


ExeVir Bio is revolutionizing the field of antiviral therapies through its pioneering use of single-domain antibodies derived from llamas. By harnessing the unique properties of llama antibodies, ExeVir Bio develops potent and targeted treatments that provide broad protection against viral infections. With their rapid response platform and commitment to global access, ExeVir Bio is poised to make a significant impact on public health, addressing emerging viral threats with agility and innovation.

Website: https://exevir.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/exevir/

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