Dream Esports India – Revolutionizing Esports in India

Dream Esports India (DESI) is a rising esports tournament and talent management company that has taken India’s gaming industry by storm. Founded by former professional Valorant player Ankush Kharwal, DESI is headquartered in Belapur, Maharashtra, India. With an impressive track record of achievements and a B2B2C merchandise business model, the company has emerged as one of the most prominent names in the Indian esports scene.

Dream Esports India – Fueling India’s Gaming Revolution

Enticing Subtitle: From Top-Selling Gaming Merch to International Tournament Representation: Here’s How Dream Esports India is Taking India’s Esports Industry by Storm.

Revolutionizing Esports Team Management

DESI has successfully transformed the esports team management industry in India by providing its professional players with all the necessary resources and opportunities to excel in their respective games. The company’s unique management approach is centered around upholding core values of professionalism and teamwork. From training sessions to traveling arrangements and accommodation, DESI ensures that its players are taken care of so that they can focus on their performance.

One of the Largest Base of Esports Players

DESI has one of the largest bases of esports players in India, with teams in Apex Legends, BGMI, Valorant, and other popular competitive games. The company’s teams have consistently delivered exceptional performances in both domestic and international tournaments. In 2021, DESI was the only Indian team representing India at the International Level in Apex Legends and had multiple achievements in other competitive games.

B2B2C Merchandise Business Model

In addition to its esports teams, DESI also has a B2B2C merchandise business model. With over 80 outlets across India, the company offers a wide range of gaming merch, from apparel to accessories. DESI’s merchandise has become a fan favorite in the Indian gaming community, with gamers proudly flaunting the brand’s products.

Dream Esports India’s Success Story

DESI’s journey from a startup to a prominent name in India’s gaming industry has been nothing short of impressive. Founded in 2019, the company quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to esports team management. Within a year, DESI had its first professional team in Valorant, which went on to win multiple tournaments.

DESI’s success has been fueled by the passion and dedication of its founder and CEO, Ankush Kharwal. With his vast experience in the esports industry, Ankush has led DESI to become one of the most respected and successful esports companies in India.


Dream Esports India is a startup that has revolutionized the esports industry in India. With its unique approach to team management, impressive track record of achievements, and popular merchandise business model, DESI has become a household name in the Indian gaming community. As the company continues to grow and expand, it is set to take India’s esports industry to new heights.

Website: https://dreamesportsindia.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DREAMESPORTSIN

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamesportsindia

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dream-esports-india/

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