DeepOpinion – Revolutionizing Intelligent Automation with No-Code Cognitive Technology

Unlocking End-to-End Automation with Cognitive Intelligence

DeepOpinion, a pioneering startup based in Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria, is transforming the landscape of intelligent automation with its innovative no-code B2B-SaaS platform. With DeepOpinion, businesses can seamlessly automate repetitive cognitive processes involving unstructured data, revolutionizing the way organizations operate and boosting efficiency across various industries.

Empowering Businesses with DeepOpinion Studio

DeepOpinion Studio serves as the gateway to the power of intelligent automation for enterprises. The platform empowers customers to effortlessly create automation workflows within minutes using a user-friendly drag-and-drop workflow automation builder. With over 150 native integrations, DeepOpinion Studio enables seamless connectivity to existing systems and processes, streamlining operations without the need for extensive coding knowledge. The no-code approach ensures that even complex, text- and document-heavy processes can be automated with human-like intelligence, optimizing productivity and freeing up valuable resources.

Infusing Cutting-Edge AI into Business Processes

What sets DeepOpinion apart is its ability to infuse the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) into business processes. By leveraging natural language understanding (NLU) and intelligent document processing (IDP), DeepOpinion enables organizations to automate cognitive tasks with unparalleled accuracy and precision. With a no-code AI skill builder, users can customize cognitive skills to suit their specific requirements, ensuring that the automation workflows align seamlessly with their business needs.

AutoNLU – The Backbone of Cognitive Automation

DeepOpinion Studio’s capabilities are underpinned by AutoNLU, DeepOpinion’s proprietary machine learning engine for automated deep learning in natural language understanding. AutoNLU is a game-changer in the field, delivering world-leading results in various benchmarks and outperforming solutions from industry giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and AWS by a significant margin. With AutoNLU, DeepOpinion achieves more reliable and accurate automation, enabling organizations to achieve greater cost savings and unlock previously bound resources.

Driving Efficiency and Cost Savings

DeepOpinion’s no-code B2B-SaaS platform is reshaping the landscape of intelligent automation, driving efficiency and cost savings for businesses of all sizes. By automating repetitive cognitive processes, organizations can optimize resource allocation, reduce errors, and enhance overall productivity. DeepOpinion’s solution not only streamlines operations but also empowers employees to focus on high-value tasks that require human expertise, fostering innovation and growth.


DeepOpinion is revolutionizing intelligent automation with its no-code B2B-SaaS platform. By leveraging cognitive intelligence and cutting-edge AI technology, DeepOpinion empowers organizations to automate complex cognitive processes effortlessly. With DeepOpinion Studio and its proprietary ML engine AutoNLU, businesses can achieve end-to-end automation without the need for manual coding. This not only drives efficiency and cost savings but also enables companies to unleash their full potential and accelerate innovation.

Website: DeepOpinion

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