Connecting the Future – Exploring Innovative Internet of Things Companies in Texas


The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we interact with technology, connecting everyday objects and devices to the digital world. In the vibrant tech ecosystem of Texas, a diverse range of IoT companies is at the forefront of this transformative wave. From asset tracking and smart rings to home automation and pet-tech solutions, these Texas-based companies are harnessing the power of connectivity to reshape industries and enhance our lives.

Troverlo, Inc

Troverlo, Inc offers a groundbreaking solution for asset tracking. With no connectivity, configuration, or app required, their technology allows seamless tracking of assets, providing businesses with real-time insights, improved efficiency, and enhanced security.

Allosense Inc.

Allosense Inc. specializes in advanced sensors and measurement systems. With a focus on logistics, test automation, and manufacturing, their IoT solutions enable precise data collection, automation, and optimization, empowering businesses to streamline their operations and achieve superior outcomes.

Renoster Systems

Renoster Systems is dedicated to providing climate sensing technology and remote data in nature preserves. Their IoT-based research solutions enable environmental monitoring, data analysis, and conservation efforts, playing a crucial role in protecting and preserving our natural resources.


RingOn introduces a smart GPS ring that serves as a panic button for school kids. This IoT wearable ensures the safety of children by providing real-time location tracking and instant communication capabilities, giving parents peace of mind and promoting safer school environments. is revolutionizing the HVAC industry by digitizing and optimizing home comfort experiences. Through IoT-enabled smart systems, they provide homeowners with precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and seamless integration with other smart devices, enhancing overall comfort and reducing energy consumption.


Synopic is driving innovation in the medical field with their next-generation depth-enabled cameras. By leveraging IoT technology, their advanced visualization systems improve decision-making during medical procedures, facilitating more accurate diagnoses, and enhancing patient outcomes.


Shipshape is an IoT company focused on automating home maintenance. Their innovative solutions leverage connected devices and sensors to monitor and manage various home systems, enabling proactive maintenance, reducing costs, and enhancing homeowners’ peace of mind.


Chippit specializes in passive metadata tagging solutions using IoT technology. By automatically capturing and organizing metadata from physical objects, their innovative solutions enable businesses to efficiently manage and utilize valuable data, enhancing productivity and decision-making processes.


Fairmarket offers home management technology powered by IoT. Their comprehensive platform integrates smart devices, home automation, and data analytics to streamline household tasks, improve energy efficiency, and elevate the overall living experience.

Animal Cloud Device Connectivity

Animal Cloud provides a comprehensive pet-tech software solution. Through IoT connectivity and data analytics, their platform enhances pet care and monitoring, offering features like real-time tracking, health monitoring, and remote interaction for pet owners.


AustinGIS is a digital transformation company that provides IoT technology services. With expertise in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), they leverage IoT to enable smart city initiatives, improve infrastructure management, and enhance urban planning in Texas and beyond.

Hashing Systems

Hashing Systems specializes in dapp (decentralized application) development for the Hedera Hashgraph platform. By leveraging IoT and blockchain technology, they enable secure and transparent decentralized applications, unlocking new possibilities in various industries.

Graphene Edge

Graphene Edge is a digital technology company offering edge analytics, cloud services, and hub configuration services. Their IoT solutions empower businesses to process and analyze data at the edge, enabling real-time insights, improved decision-making, and enhanced operational efficiency.


InOpTra provides a range of digital solutions, including application development , cloud computing, and product development, utilizing IoT technology. Their expertise enables businesses to leverage IoT for transformative digital solutions, powering innovation and growth.


CYBER INFO specializes in cyber security, cloud services, staffing, and blockchain technology services. Their IoT solutions ensure secure connectivity, protect sensitive data, and enable seamless integration of IoT devices, allowing businesses to harness the full potential of IoT while safeguarding their digital assets.


The Internet of Things is reshaping industries and revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. In Texas, these innovative IoT companies are paving the way for a connected future, delivering groundbreaking solutions across various sectors. From asset tracking and home automation to environmental monitoring and healthcare advancements, these Texas-based companies are driving the IoT revolution and transforming the way we live, work, and connect.

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