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In a world driven by technology, coding has become an essential skill for the future. Codingal, a Bangalore-based startup, is on a mission to provide coding education to every K-12 student. By offering a comprehensive coding education platform, Codingal aims to improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills among young learners, empowering them to become the creators of the future. With the vision to bridge the gap in traditional education systems, Codingal equips students with the tools, content, and live coding classes necessary to unleash their creative potential and embark on a journey of innovation and success.

The Power of Coding

Codingal recognizes the immense benefits of learning to code at a young age. By engaging in coding activities, students develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. Studies have shown that coding can improve these skills by up to 70% among children. As technology continues to shape our world, coding proficiency has become a valuable asset in various industries. By introducing coding education early on, Codingal empowers students to embrace the digital age and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Creating a Path to the Future

The future of work is rooted in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Coding jobs already comprise more than 60% of all STEM careers. By providing coding education to K-12 students, Codingal prepares them for the careers of tomorrow. Starting coding education at a young age gives students a head start, allowing them to develop their skills and creativity over time. By the time they enter college, they will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to pursue computer science and other related fields, setting themselves up for success in the digital era.

Revolutionizing Education

Traditional education systems often struggle to integrate coding into their curriculum effectively. Codingal fills this gap by providing a comprehensive coding education platform tailored to K-12 students. Their platform offers a wide range of coding courses, interactive tools, and live coding classes, enabling students to learn and practice coding in an engaging and supportive environment. By leveraging technology and innovative teaching methods, Codingal ensures that students have access to quality coding education regardless of their geographical location or school’s resources.


Codingal’s dedication to democratizing coding education has made them a leader in the field. By inspiring students, including girls, to embrace coding and computer science, they are breaking gender barriers and promoting diversity in the tech industry.




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