Chowkbazar – The on-demand grocery delivery store

Are you tired of spending hours in grocery stores every week? Do you want a hassle-free shopping experience that delivers your essentials straight to your doorstep? Then you need to check out Chowkbazar – the on-demand grocery delivery store that rewards its customers with innovative systems.

Revolutionizing the traditional grocery shopping experience, Chowkbazar is an online store where you can buy all your grocery and home essentials, delivered in just minutes. What sets them apart is their innovative reward-based customer acquisition and retention system, where customers can earn SuperCoins and redeem them for specific products or with their affiliate partners.

Innovative Customer Acquisition System

In Bangladesh, e-retailers often spend a lot of money on acquiring new customers, but then struggle to retain them in the long term. Chowkbazar addresses this challenge by offering customers SuperCoins instead of upfront discounts. These coins can be used to purchase specific products for free, which have higher margins. This approach helps Chowkbazar acquire new customers while ensuring that the customers are invested in the brand and their unique reward system.

Effective Customer Retention System

To retain customers, Chowkbazar rewards them with SuperCoins each time they make a purchase. For every 100 Taka spent, customers earn 5 SuperCoins. The redeemable coins help customers save money on future purchases and provide an incentive for them to continue shopping at Chowkbazar.

Redeemable SuperCoins

Customers can redeem their SuperCoins for specific products for free or use them with Chowkbazar’s affiliate partners. This unique system offers customers flexibility in how they use their rewards, while also creating strategic partnerships with other brands.


Chowkbazar is an innovative startup that has revolutionized the grocery delivery industry in Bangladesh. By implementing a reward-based customer acquisition and retention system, they have found a unique way to attract and retain customers without offering deep discounts. This system is not only beneficial for the company’s financial health but also for its customers, who can earn SuperCoins and redeem them for free products or with affiliate partners. Chowkbazar’s focus on customer satisfaction, convenience, and innovation has set it apart from its competitors and has helped it establish a strong foothold in the market. With its continued growth and success, Chowkbazar is poised to become a major player in the online grocery delivery space.

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