Canvas – Empowering Data-Driven Insights for SaaS Businesses

Unleash the Power of Data Analytics Without the Code


Welcome to the startup showcase of Canvas, a game-changing company based in San Francisco, California. Canvas is revolutionizing the way SaaS businesses connect, analyze, and present data from various tools without the need for coding expertise. In this showcase, we delve into how Canvas empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights, build dashboards, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Unifying Data from Your SaaS Tools

Canvas is the bridge that connects your SaaS tools and enables you to harness their collective power. With Canvas, you can seamlessly integrate data from popular applications such as Stripe, QuickBooks, Segment, HubSpot, and over 150 other apps. By aggregating and unifying data sources, Canvas eliminates the tedious process of manually extracting and transforming data, saving valuable time and resources.

Building Custom Dashboards Without Code

Canvas empowers users to become data pros without requiring coding skills. With their intuitive platform, anyone can build custom dashboards and gain actionable insights from their data. The user-friendly interface allows for easy drag-and-drop functionality, enabling businesses to visualize data, track key metrics, and uncover trends with ease. Canvas puts the power of data analytics in the hands of non-technical users, democratizing data-driven decision-making.

Fractional Data Services for Complex Business Logic

For businesses with complex business logic and specific data requirements, Canvas offers fractional data services. This unique offering allows companies to access the expertise of a dedicated data team without the need to hire additional staff. Canvas becomes an extension of your team, providing guidance, support, and data-driven insights tailored to your specific needs. This fractional data service ensures that businesses can leverage the full potential of their data without the burden of maintaining an in-house data infrastructure.

Sequoia-Backed and SOC 2 Compliant

Canvas has gained significant recognition and support within the startup ecosystem. Backed by Sequoia, a leading venture capital firm, Canvas is well-positioned to drive innovation in the data analytics space. Furthermore, Canvas places the utmost importance on data security and compliance. As a SOC 2 compliant company, they adhere to the highest standards of data privacy and protection, ensuring that businesses can trust their platform with sensitive information.


Canvas is reshaping the landscape of SaaS data analytics by providing a seamless and code-free solution. By connecting, analyzing, and presenting data from various SaaS tools, Canvas empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions effortlessly. With their user-friendly platform, businesses of all sizes can build custom dashboards, gain valuable insights, and uncover trends that drive growth and success.



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