Biotrends India Pvt Ltd – Revolutionizing Agriculture with Sustainable Technology

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of agriculture on the environment, there has been a growing need for sustainable farming practices. Biotrends India Pvt Ltd is a green technology company that is committed to providing solutions that improve the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture. With a range of organic, plant-based products, Biotrends is revolutionizing the way we think about sustainable farming.

Improving Crop Productivity with Organic Plant-Based Technology

Biotrends India Pvt Ltd has developed a range of SmartGenX™ products that are designed to strengthen the soil-based microbial ecosystem and boost natural plant resistance to pathogens and threats. These organic-certified products are made from proprietary plant-based technology (Aloe Vera) and do not use any heat, reactions, or harsh chemicals, making them practically carbon neutral. The range of SmartGenX™ products have been tested in third-party trials in key agricultural regions worldwide and have demonstrated their value in increasing crop productivity, improving the efficiency of conventional fertilizers, and reducing the environmental footprint of farming.

Investing in Bio Ag and Bio Pesticides

As Biotrends continues to focus on improving sustainable agriculture, the company is investing heavily in the development of bio ag and bio pesticides. These products will be suited for seed treatment, pre and post-harvest technology, as well as fungicide and insecticide forms. Biotrends has research-based facilities in Mexico, which will enable the company to develop a robust stable and pipeline of products.

A Commitment to Probiotic Agriculture

Biotrends has also created a new field of research called metagenomics. This allows for the comprehensive examination and selection of microbial communities to be used in Biotrends range of products for probiotic agricultural use. By using advances in DNA sequencing technologies, Biotrends can select the most beneficial microbes to support sustainable agriculture practices.

Zero Carbon Emission Green Technology

Biotrends is also committed to being a zero carbon emission company. Its products are manufactured through a unique process of co-culture fermentation without any use of harsh chemicals or heat. This makes Biotrends a carbon-neutral production unit, which ushers in a new age of genomics and bioinformatics revolution. The use of plant-based products further improves the sustainability and reduces all risks of cross-contamination from animal origin products or even chemical contamination.


Biotrends India Pvt Ltd is leading the way in sustainable agriculture practices with its range of organic, plant-based products. By focusing on improving crop productivity, reducing the environmental footprint of farming, and promoting probiotic agriculture, Biotrends is setting the standard for sustainable farming practices in the 21st century. With its commitment to being a zero carbon emission company, Biotrends is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future for all.



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