Alexia Ventures – Investing in the Future of Latin America’s Technology

Are you a top entrepreneur in Brazil or Latin America looking for an early-stage value-add investor to help bring your disruptive business idea to life? Look no further than Alexia Ventures, a company dedicated to investing in the future of Latin America’s technology industry.

Catalyzing Human Potential Through Data and Technology

Alexia Ventures believes that the best founders from Latin America are as good as the top founders around the world and can create companies that are global technology leaders. The company focuses on disruptive business models that are driven by software platforms and data/artificial intelligence technologies (A.I.), with the goal of helping outstanding founders catalyze human potential through data and technology.

Series A Investment and Value-Add Approach

Alexia Ventures specializes in series A investments and takes a value-add approach to its investment portfolio. The company works closely with its founders to provide not only capital but also mentorship, strategic guidance, and access to its extensive network of top talents from both LatAm and Silicon Valley. This approach allows Alexia Ventures to help its portfolio companies accelerate their growth, achieve their goals, and become the global technology leaders of tomorrow.

A Network of Top Talents and Founders

Alexia Ventures’ founders have over 20 years of experience working with top talents and founders in both LatAm and Silicon Valley, and they have built a network of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. This network includes entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and academics who are dedicated to driving innovation and progress in the technology industry.

Inspiring a New Definition of What is Possible

Alexia Ventures is more than just an investment firm – it’s a company that is dedicated to building a better future and inspiring the region with a new definition of what is possible. The company’s mission is to help outstanding founders bring their ideas to life and create companies that have a positive impact on society, while also helping to build a thriving technology ecosystem in Latin America.


Alexia Ventures is a company that is dedicated to investing in the future of Latin America’s technology industry and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to create global technology leaders. Their value-add approach, extensive network, and commitment to building a better future make them the ideal partner for top entrepreneurs seeking to bring their ideas to life.



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