15 interesting software companies in Zug, Switzerland

Zug, Switzerland has emerged as a hub for innovative technology startups, particularly in the software industry. In this article, we’ll take a look at 15 interesting software companies in Zug, each with their own unique niche and innovative approach to solving problems.

Sedimentum AG

Sedimentum is the first contactless and intelligent fall detector that empowers individuals to live self-sufficiently. By leveraging machine learning and other technologies, Sedimentum can detect falls and notify caregivers or emergency services, providing peace of mind to seniors and individuals with disabilities.


InvArch is a composable IP ownership, utility, and cross-chain authentication protocol. With InvArch, users can securely authenticate their identities across multiple platforms and control their data ownership and access.


vidby is an AI-powered software solution for video translation and dubbing across 70 languages. With vidby, users can upload a video and have it automatically translated and dubbed, saving time and resources in the process.


EventScouts is the world’s first blockchain-based, user-owned event and activity database. Users can contribute and curate event data, creating a more comprehensive and community-driven resource for finding events and activities.


PrivadoVPN is a virtual private network that protects user data from hackers and online spies with advanced encryption and fast speeds.

Data Suisse AG

Data Suisse is a deep tech company that helps enterprises improve the quality of their data assets. By leveraging machine learning and other technologies, Data Suisse can provide real-time data analysis and recommendations to improve business operations.

SNGLR Capital AG

SNGLR Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in European startups, particularly in the longevity and smart mobility sectors. With a focus on AI, blockchain, IoT, SaaS, and robotics, SNGLR Capital is helping to drive innovation and growth in emerging industries.


CoinMarketAlert provides cryptocurrency price alerts, news, portfolio tracking, and technical analysis to help investors stay on top of their cryptocurrency investments.


Delega is a treasury system that simplifies the management of signatory rights for large corporations. By automating the process, Delega reduces the risk of errors and fraud, improving overall efficiency.

21 Analytics

21 Analytics provides technology solutions for virtual assets compliance, particularly in the context of the FATF Travel Rule. By leveraging blockchain and other technologies, 21 Analytics helps financial institutions comply with regulations and mitigate risk.

Topaz Digital

Topaz Digital provides a digital experience for wealth owners, solving the digital engagement problem by offering a suite of tools for wealth management and financial planning.

Sun Labs

Sun Labs provides custom asset management solutions for the digital asset markets. With a focus on security and automation, Sun Labs helps investors manage their digital assets with ease and confidence.


Mawlin is a borderless D2C e-commerce technology company that leverages machine learning and other technologies to provide personalized shopping experiences and improve supply chain efficiency.

Ella Media AG

Ella Media is an AI company that provides personalized content recommendations and analytics for media companies, helping them to increase engagement and revenue.


Trialize is a decentralized, virtual, and hybrid clinical trials platform that connects patients with researchers and clinical trial sponsors. By leveraging blockchain and other technologies, Trialize provides a secure and transparent platform for conducting clinical trials.


Zug, Switzerland, is home to a diverse range of innovative software companies that are revolutionizing various industries. From Sedimentum AG’s contactless and intelligent fall detector to InvArch’s composable IP ownership and cross-chain authentication protocol, these companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems and improve people’s lives. Additionally, companies like vidby and Topaz Digital are using AI-powered software to revolutionize video translation and wealth management, respectively. Meanwhile, EventScouts and CoinMarketAlert are utilizing blockchain technology to create user-owned event databases and provide cryptocurrency price alerts and technical analysis, respectively. With the support of companies like SNGLR Capital AG and Data Suisse AG, these startups are well-positioned to continue growing and making a significant impact in the software industry. Whether it’s in smart mobility, e-commerce, or digital asset management, Zug’s software companies are at the forefront of innovation and are worth keeping an eye on in the future.

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