15 Innovative Internet Companies in Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware is becoming a hub of innovation with a growing number of startups emerging in the area. These companies offer unique solutions and services in various industries ranging from blockchain-based sports fan engagement to tax software for expats. Here are 15 innovative internet companies that are making waves in Wilmington, Delaware.

Fanzee Labs

Fanzee Labs is a blockchain-based platform that engages sports fans through unique features like voting, contests, and loyalty rewards. The platform provides sports organizations with an opportunity to monetize fan engagement while enhancing fan experiences.


Drope.me is a platform that allows users to drop digital content, such as images and audio, for their communities on any social platform. The platform offers a simple and efficient way for businesses, artists, and influencers to share their content with their followers.


Expatfile is a tax software designed to make filing expat tax returns more convenient and secure. The platform simplifies the process of filing taxes for people who work or live abroad, providing them with a smart and efficient solution.


VISXA is a platform for global citizens who are looking to build a new global lifestyle with lower tax burdens. The platform provides access to resources and information that helps users to identify tax-efficient strategies and opportunities for international living.

Telivity Inc.

Telivity Inc. is a managed technology solutions provider that empowers businesses to embrace Industry 4.0 by harnessing the power of IoT. The company offers customized solutions that help businesses to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Raising Superstars

Raising Superstars is a platform that helps parents and educators to support children in realizing their full potential. The platform offers resources, tools, and programs that help children to develop essential skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

Sproutly Inc.

Sproutly Inc. is a digital bank that provides students and schools in Africa with access to credits and payments. The platform offers financial services that help students to pay for tuition, accommodation, and other expenses, while enabling schools to manage their finances more efficiently.


X.app is an all-in-one extension app that provides users with a range of tools and features, including ad-blocking, screen capture, and web search. The platform offers a streamlined and user-friendly solution for people who want to enhance their web browsing experience.


Webmint is a SaaS platform that offers tools to help creators launch and grow NFT communities. The platform provides a range of features, including content creation, community management, and analytics, to help creators to build and monetize their communities.


PrimeLister is a platform that provides sales support in different marketplaces by organizing inventory, sharing, re-listing, de-listing, and cross-posting services. The platform helps businesses to optimize their sales and expand their reach across multiple marketplaces.


HostArmada is a web hosting service provider that offers cloud-based products optimized for websites. The platform provides a range of features, including website migration, SSL certificates, and automated backups, to help businesses to maintain reliable and secure websites. They aim to provide reliable and secure hosting solutions, with 24/7 support available to all their customers. HostArmada’s cloud-based infrastructure is designed to ensure faster website loading times and increased website stability.

Borderless HQ

Borderless HQ is a company that builds and deploys digital infrastructures in different domains. Their mission is to enable people and businesses to connect and communicate better across borders, while ensuring that data privacy and security are maintained. Borderless HQ provides cloud-based solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals who need to securely store, manage, and share data.


FRONTLINE ONE CAPITAL is a venture capital fund based in Wilmington, DE, investing in fast-growing private companies in the trending sectors. The firm has a particular focus on early-stage investments in technology and healthcare sectors. They aim to support innovative entrepreneurs who are working to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Samaritan Service Solutions Inc

Samaritan Service Solutions Inc seeks to prevent the unnecessary deaths of the 18+M Americans with substance use and mental health disorders. They offer a unique platform called MyPath2Recovery, which provides personalized treatment plans for people struggling with addiction and mental health issues. MyPath2Recovery leverages evidence-based therapies and analytics to deliver tailored care that is customized to the unique needs of each patient.


PollMe is an automatic poll creation app that offers polls to collect responses, micro-surveys, and widgets on the internet. The app provides a range of features, including customizable themes, real-time analytics, and integration with social media platforms. PollMe aims to make it easy for businesses and individuals to collect valuable insights from their audiences, without having to spend hours creating polls manually.


These 15 companies based in Wilmington, Delaware are a testament to the innovative spirit of the city’s entrepreneurial community. From blockchain-based sports fan engagement platforms to tax software for expats, these companies are working on cutting-edge solutions that are solving real-world problems. With a focus on technology, healthcare, and social impact, Wilmington’s startup ecosystem is a promising one that is sure to produce many more exciting and innovative companies in the years to come.

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