15 Artificial Intelligence Companies in Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Wilmington, Delaware is home to a burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) scene that’s attracting entrepreneurs, researchers, and tech enthusiasts alike. With so many companies at the forefront of AI development, Wilmington is a hub for innovative research, cutting-edge technology, and entrepreneurial startups. Here are 15 AI companies in Wilmington that are doing interesting and groundbreaking work.


Creating No-Code AI Design Tools Cameralyze is an AI startup that offers a no-code design tool for developers and business people. Their tool allows for the creation of vision-based applications and workflows without the need for coding. With Cameralyze, businesses can easily prototype and launch AI applications and workflows.


A Cloud-Based Data Preparation Platform for Computer Vision Teams Labellerr is a cloud-based (SaaS) enterprise data preparation platform that helps computer vision teams build AI and machine learning models faster. The platform allows for the creation of custom data sets, annotation workflows, and image processing pipelines.


Real-Time Weapon Detection AiLert is an AI company that uses already installed surveillance cameras to detect weapons in real-time. Their technology can detect guns, knives, and other weapons, making it a valuable tool for public safety.

Reciprocity Health

Reducing Healthcare Costs with AI Reciprocity Health provides health programs that reduce unnecessary healthcare costs. Their AI-driven platform analyzes data from a variety of sources to identify potential areas for cost savings.

Delaware Data Innovation Lab

A Data Lab for Diverse Thinkers and Innovators The Delaware Data Innovation Lab is a collaborative space for researchers, entrepreneurs, and academics to come together and work on AI and machine learning projects. Their goal is to foster a diverse community of thinkers and innovators who can create groundbreaking solutions to complex problems.

Ortho AI

AI-Driven Clinical Decision Support System Ortho AI is a clinical decision support system for orthopedics and traumatology driven by AI. Their platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze medical data and provide real-time guidance to healthcare professionals.


An AI Cough Classifier for Disease Diagnosis Hyfe is an AI cough classifier that runs on any phone and detects coughs to diagnose diseases. Their technology is especially relevant in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and can help individuals monitor their health at home.


Data Search and Insights in Seconds Anania offers a data search and analysis tool that can find insights in less than five seconds. Their platform uses AI algorithms to analyze data from multiple sources and present the results in an easy-to-understand format.


Video Comics with AI Comixify.ai offers a platform that can convert videos into comics. Their AI technology can automatically identify key moments in videos and create a corresponding comic panel, making it an engaging tool for content creators and marketers.


Diagnostic Technology Based on RF Signature and AI Modeling Radiolife is an AI company that uses RF signature and AI modeling to develop a disruptive diagnostic technology. Their platform can analyze data from various sources to provide more accurate and timely diagnoses.


AI for Video Post-Processing and Editing AIHunters offers AI-powered video post-processing and editing tools. Their platform uses machine learning algorithms to understand videos like humans, making it possible to create engaging content with minimal effort.

EntheogeniX Biosciences

Uncovering New Medicines with AI EntheogeniX Biosciences uses AI and computational biophysics to uncover new medicines from desired psychedelics. Their platform can simulate molecular interactions to identify compounds that could have therapeutic potential.

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